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15 - 16 Seat Wirral Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire Wirral company offers you the option of hiring 15-seater to 16-seater minibuses in Wirral at an affordable price. While the standards and quality maintain by our company are far more superior to any other minibus hire company, our rates are also unparalleled. Ford Transit, Toyota Hiace and Volkswagen Crafter are some of the brands which we have employed in our conversions from vans to minibuses.

Such classy and luxurious minibuses are sure to impress anyone who takes a ride in them. Not only is this, these 15-seater to 16-seater minibuses installed with automatic doors. They open and close based on a motion sensor technology that can detect the movement of a passenger. This makes the unloading of luggage a lot easier, since your hands don't have to be occupied with keeping the doors open. These doors are more so useful for passengers that are disabled.

Often, disabled people don't find transportation that caters to their special needs. Therefore, we are proud to declare that we always have all of the public's needs in mind when designing the ideal minibus. It is always very important for disabled passengers in search of minibus services to research beforehand whether the minibus offers transportation that caters to their special needs. The plug style coach door is deemed fairly rampant for other more typical purposes. Since our 15-seater to 16-searer minibuses have both such doors, we can accommodate both common users and disabled passengers.

Another special feature of the 15-seater and 16-seater minibus in Wirral is that its floors are quite low. This not only provides the minibus with stability, but also prevents tall people from bumping their heads on the ceiling whenever it crosses any speed breakers. Also, the low floor provides an additional space that can be used to stow away luggage and other items of need. Some of the versions that showcase this low base are called midibuses as well. Characteristically, the models that frequently fit such a style include the Orion Bus, the Hino Poncho, the Optare Solo, Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Midi ME, and the Nissan Diesel minibuses. We have taken care as to acquire a license for all such minibuses that our in our fleet, as an additional license is required for this purpose.

We have recently incorporated newer versions in our fleet. These include Fiat Ducatos that can accommodate a maximum of fourteen passengers. These minibuses have astonishingly tall ceilings and physical transmissions. They have been equipped with modern and state of the art technological devices such as heated mirror doors, power steering, electric windows, and speed limiters. Such feature are common in our 15-seater to 16-seater minibuses in Wirral. The interior is quite similar to that of an airplane. You can draw curtains on the windows to prevent the sun from streaming inside the minibus. The seats are kept separate for maximum comfort and storage compartments have been constructed above the seating for extra space.

Another point to note is that since our 15-seater and 16-seater minibuses in Wirral have been built with better technology, they also get improved mileage. This makes them much less expensive and quieter. They are also more environment friendly, as they spill out less pollutants and smoke onto the road and into the atmosphere. We could also reduce global warming this way. Those supporting the green movement will appreciate the services we offer in Wirral.

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